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A comparison of the Tarot of Marseilles with G.D. writings and G.D. influenced decks

Comparison of Agrippa's decans with Mathers' Minor Arcana

Influence of Golden Dawn deck on Waite's

Golden Dawn Tarot Cards as Talismans

18 Cards Relationships Spread


Paul Christian's decans table

Paul Christian's tarot-astrology associations

Decans meanings from Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy with images from Engel's Astrolabium Planum

Images of the degrees from Engel's Astrolabium Planum


About the 42 letters name of God

About the 72 fold name of God

An attribution of Psalms to the 72 fold name of God, attributed to the ARI

The Art of Knowing The Good Genii, by A. E. Waite.

Golden Dawn Sigils of the Elements

Malachim fonts

Tarot Decks

The 11 Cary-Yale Visconti-Sforza trumps

Payen Tarot of Marseille trumps

Minchiate Fiorentine on-line

Minchiate Etruria on-line

3 Minchiate Francesi trumps

Samples from Carte Fine Minchiate

Kabbalistic Art

Tree of Life, ARI version.

Colored Tree of Life, ARI version.

Tree of life, GRA version.

Tree of life, Kircher version.

Amulet for mother & newborn child, Sepher Razi'el haMal'ach, Amsterdam 1701 edition.


Errata in the 7th edition of The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic

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