The Minchiate Francesi Deck

The Minchiate Francesi is a 98 cards deck, rather different than the Italian Minchiate decks. Following is a description based on the Solleone reprint of the deck. It's printed in sepia. The 42 trumps include -

  1. The chaos.
    Le Chaos Minchiate Francesi card
  2. The sun, Helios in the sun chariot pulled by four horses.

  3. The moon, a woman with bow and arrow seated on a cloud with the moon at her back - possibly Artemis.

  4. The stars, a feminine figure holding a scepter with a stars at it's top, seated on clouds against the background of the stars.

  5. The world, an infant seated on concentric circles and holding a sandglass in his hand.

  6. The element of air, a woman seated on clouds above a rural landscape.

  7. The element of earth, a crowned woman seated on the earth beside fruits in a rural landscape.

  8. The element of water, a woman in a sea-shell chariot pulled by two fish by the beach.

  9. The element of fire, Perseus seated at a table holding a helmet, with a shield with Medusa's head or face on it.

    Element le Feu Fran├žois de Poilly Minchiate Tarot
  10. Youth, a young warrior with sword and shield fighting a dragon.

  11. Infancy, infants playing in a garden.

  12. Adolescence, children studying with opened book and two young female teachers.

  13. Old age, a bearded men seated by a house.

  14. Sense of taste, young woman seated on a bench with fruits.

  15. Sense of smell, young woman seated on a bench with flowers.

  16. Sense of touch, young man riding an eagle flying high in the sky.

  17. Sense of sight
    Le Sens la Veue Minchiate Francesi card
  18. Sense of hearing, man playing a violin while riding on a fish in the sea.

  19. Prudence

  20. Justice

  21. Charity

  22. Hope

  23. Strength

  24. Judgement, a trumpeting angel in the sky over a land.

  25. Mercury

  26. Bacchus

  27. Love

  28. Venus

  29. Momus
    Minchiate Francesi
    Tarot de Paris
    Momus Francesi card Tarot de Paris fool card
  30. Fortune

  31. January, illustration of acquarius.

  32. February, illustration of pisces.

  33. March, illustration of aries.

  34. April, illustration of taurus.

  35. May, illustration of gemini.

  36. June, illustration of cancer.

  37. July, illustration of leo.

  38. August, illustration of virgo.

  39. September, illustration of libra.

  40. October, illustration of scorpio.

  41. November, illustration of sagittarius.

  42. December, illustration of capricorn.

Certain cards look out of order, such as fortune appearing after the the gods rather than before. I don't know why this is, but I ordered the cards per the numbers which appear on them.

The minors have the symbols of regular playing cards - spades, clubs, diamonds, and hearts. The pips are the same as regular playing cards, except for the colors - they are all sepia, rather than black and red. The sixteen court cards, titled roy, cheval, dame, and valet in all four suits. The suits are titled, and illustrated to fit, the four continents - spades & Africa, clubs & America, diamonds & Asia, and hearts & Europe.

A discussion about the Minchiate Francesi deck can be found in the Tarot History Forum.

The Bibliotheque nationale de France has scanned images of a colored Minchiate Francesi deck.

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